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Happy Skin Supercharged Beauty Device Cleansing + Ion Light Treatment

Happy Skin Supercharged Beauty Device Cleansing + Ion Light Treatment

Happy Skin’s Supercharged Beauty Device is an advanced approach to your daily skincare regimen. This small yet powerful tool harnesses technology to upgrade each step of your routine, from cleansing to hydration to treatment. One side has lightly exfoliating silicone bristles to eradicate all traces of dirt and dead skin cells, while the other is a flat massage head that warms up and pulsates to stimulate facial muscles. Featuring a series of modes that utilizes increased temperatures, micro vibrations, and phototherapy for supple, glowing, and overall youthful skin, this revolutionary device encapsulates the professional spa experience into your fingertips.

HAPPY SKIN SAYS: Positive and Negative Ions increase the efficacy of active ingredients, while EMS Micro Currents deliver 8,000 micro vibrations per minute to tighten and plump up skin. Heating helps products absorb better and contributes to a dewy glow. Phototherapy uses light rays to target skin texture, pigmentation, and fine lines for brighter, smoother, spot-free skin.

HOW TO USE: The Happy Skin Supercharged Beauty Device goes one step further by doing so much more than just cleansing—it features four modes that offer multiple benefits to skin. To start your skincare regimen, firmly press and hold the power button. The device will light up once on. Each mode lasts four minutes, followed by a standby mode. Easily move on to the next mode by quickly pressing the power button. Adjust the intensity using the + and – buttons. The device will automatically shut down after one minute of inactivity; alternatively, firmly press the power button to turn it off. Read on for a detailed guide to each mode: 

First Cleanse Mode (Blue Light)
Soak a cotton pad in cleansing water or water-based makeup remover (oil-based cleansers will not work in this step). Attach the pad to the flat massage head by locking it in place with the removable ring. Activate the device by grasping it on the ion sensor strip running around the circle. Sweep the device all over face to remove makeup and grime.

Deep Cleanse Mode (Green Light)
Flip the device to the bristled side. Squeeze a sufficient amount of facial wash on the brush. Run the soft silicone bristles along face in a circular motion for a deeper cleanse that lightly exfoliates. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Nourish and Lift Mode (Red Light)
Apply a few drops of essence or serum on the flat massage head. Activate the device by touching the ion sensor strip. Using a combination of upward and outward strokes, massage face to allow better product absorption and to tighten, lift, and rejuvenate skin.

Smooth and Refine Mode (Purple Light)
Finish the treatment with phototherapy. This step helps tackle uneven texture and fine lines. Continue massaging face with the flat massage head, adding more serum as needed for seamless movement.

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