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Happy Skin Bakuchiol + Peptide Oil Drops Serum

Happy Skin Bakuchiol + Peptide Oil Drops Serum

Tackle signs of aging and restore skin’s youthful quality with the Bakuchiol + Peptide Oil Drops Serum. An age-reversing booster that harnesses the wrinkle-refining properties of Bakuchiol, 12 kinds of firming Peptides, and powerfully hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, it delivers maximum benefits to skin through potent oil capsules suspended in a refreshing, quick-absorbing serum. Skin instantly feels plump, soft, and flooded with moisture.

HAPPY SKIN SAYS: Gentle even for the most sensitive skin types, Bakuchiol is a plant-derived ingredient that targets fine lines and enlarged pores. 12 kinds of Peptides stimulate collagen production for firm, elastic skin, while Hyaluronic Acid attracts water to skin for long-lasting hydration.

HOW TO USE: Use day and night before moisturizer by dispensing a few drops directly onto skin and gently massaging until fully absorbed. For silky non-streaky makeup, mix a few drops of the serum with liquid foundation. Apply as usual.

CAUTION: For external use only. conduct a skin test first. Keep out of reach of children.

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